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About Graham Stacey

A global strategist and operational manager, Graham Stacey has over 20 years’ experience (executive and non-executive) delivering successes in roles requiring skills as diverse as negotiating with Heads of State and motivating multinational teams. Understanding global challenges, expounding strategic visions, exploiting the opportunities of disruptive technologies, turning around underperforming organisations and managing the most powerful stakeholders are his key skills. 

Joining the Royal Air Force in 1980, Graham Stacey served in a number of force protection, counter terrorism and air defence roles across the globe. In 1997 Graham Stacey joined Carl Bildt, the then International Community High Representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina, as a military advisor assisting in the implementation of the Dayton Agreement. This marked the beginning of two decades of key international roles in positions of command, cross government integration and transformation.

An operationally focused and diverse career has seen Graham Stacey lead staff in 24 countries simultaneously and manage budgets of up to €1.1bn. He chaired multiple organisations including NATO Audit Boards and the Government of the UK’s Sovereign Base Area Administration in Cyprus and delivered a very broad range of programmes from the creation of Bosnia’s Civil Aviation Authority to advancing e-learning in NATO. As the Chief of Staff of NATO transformation, he negotiated changes in the organisation and future strategy of the world’s foremost global alliance, successfully persuading Heads of State, Ambassadors and military leaders. He frequently represented NATO at legislative committees in the USA, UK, Germany and elsewhere.

Graham Stacey has a passion for people and leadership and, in addition to developing NATO’s most recent diversity policy, he created global transformation strategies both for NATO and the UK. For over 3 years he successfully led the RAF’s most senior leadership development programme as Director and primary mentor.

Graham Stacey Today

Graham Stacey now undertakes a variety of NED, consulting and advisory roles in leadership development, disruptive technologies, climate change, strategy and innovation.